10 inspiring talks from TEDYouth

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TED Blog

What conference, besides TEDYouth, could bring together an elephant communication expert, the head of research at Pixar, a professional storm chaser, and a 16-year-old DJ? TEDYouth 2013, “The Spark,” happens tomorrow, November 16, at 11am CST in New Orleans, Louisiana. And you can watch along via the live webcast, which will be available in English, Spanish and Arabic. To get you ready for this fast-paced, mind-blowing conference, here’s a playlist of some of the best talks from TEDYouths past.

Adam Savage: How simple ideas lead to scientific discoveries
Adam Savage is the host of Mythbusters, and the king of making scientific analysis fun. In this talk from TEDYouth 2011 — which happens to be half animated — he shows how simple methodologies led to two of the most exciting scientific discoveries of all time: Eratosthenes’ calculation of the Earth’s circumference and Hippolyte Fizeau’s measurement of the speed…

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Some Interesting iPhone Dev Blogs

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iPhone Patterns http://pttrns.com/




Reusable Code Libraries



Recreating The Raised Center Tab Bar Button of Instagram, DailyBooth & Path™

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iDev Recipes

Full Source code: https://github.com/boctor/idev-recipes/tree/master/RaisedCenterTabBar


Apps like Instagram, DailyBooth and Path™ have what looks like a standard UITabBarController, but the center tab bar is raised or colored. How do we recreate this look?


These tab bars look pretty standard with the exception of the center item, so we’ll start out with a standard UITabBarController which contains a UITabBar.

Looking at the images inside each app, it is quickly apparent that the middle tab bar is simply a custom UIButton.

A UITabBar contains an array of UITabBarItems, which inherit from UIBarItem. But unlike UIBarButtonItem that also inherits from UIBarItem, there is no API to create a UITabBarItem with a customView.

So instead of trying to create a custom UITabBarItem, we’ll just create a regular one and then put the custom UIButton on top of the UITabBar.

Our basic recipe is then to create a subclass of UITabBarController and add…

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iOS source code examples

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iOS Code Camp


iOS Source code Examples


Hello world!

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